Taking Kinmen as an example Taiwan Taipei hotel

This “suspension” has brought Taiwan’s tourism industry into a “cold winter period”. Taking Kinmen as an example Taiwan Taipei hotel, mainland tourists account for 45% of the total “small three links”, of which 70% are free travel. If free travel is banned and group travel is restricted, Ding Jiangang Taiwan Taipei hotel, director of the Tourism Department of Kinmen County, said on September 1 From January to 10, there were only 4,273 inbound and outbound visits to and from Jinmen’s “mini three links”, up from 16,000 last year Taiwan Taipei hotel, a 74% decrease from the same period last year. According to Taiwan media reports, after the mainland’s free travel to Taiwan was suspended Taiwan Taipei hotel, the local tourism industry quickly entered a “cold winter period.” By August 30, the number had dropped to only 630, a significant decrease of 86% Taiwan Taipei hotel; the number of free traveler applications decreased from an average of 5,000 a day to August 783, a drop of 85%. Hotel occupancy rate dropped by one-third: The sudden drop in mainland tourists severely affected Taiwan’s tourism industry Taiwan Taipei hotel. Some tour guides took unpaid leave, tourist buses were idle, and even tourism agencies, restaurants, hotels and other tourism industries can be said to enter early. Winter ‘, in the afternoon of August 12 , the magistrates of the three counties of Jinma Peng went to Beijing to meet with Liu Jieyi, director of the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council. treat. The three county chiefs made seven suggestions for the collective trip to Beijing this summer. Parent-child tours became the choice of nearly 50% of travelers this summer. Among them, Sanya, Shanghai, and Dalian have the highest rankings of parent-child hotel bookings; while overseas, parent-child hotels in Singapore, Phuket, and Bangkok are more popular. This is due to the increasing number of parent-child tourists who choose to travel with the elderly. Judging from the parent-child hotel booking data, parent-child families are more willing to stay in high-star hotels. When summer tourists book domestic and overseas parent-child hotels, the proportion of high-star hotels exceeds 90%. Judging from the price of parent-child hotels, traveling in July is more cost-effective. Popular overseas destinations average hotel prices in July are about 40 yuan cheaper than in August. In China, more than 90% of the popular destinations have lower prices in July, and the average room price per night is more than 60 yuan cheaper than in August. The Mobile Payment Cross-Border Alliance is expected to prepare cross-border transaction services in the first quarter of 2020. When users from Japan, South Korea, and Thailand come to Taiwan for business or sightseeing, there is no need to exchange foreign exchanges in advance, and there is no need to re-download or register. Pay for accommodation through partner stores,In the next stage, LINE Pay is expected to open Taiwan users to Japan, South Korea and Thailand. During the journey, you can open the map of LINE Pay’s cooperation channels, query the nearby cooperative stores, and confirm the tourist-only preferential activities through the map.