How can they stop nail salon  hong kong?

I am a lot of people who are now pets, and Wang Xingren is very popular with everyone because of their cute appearance and loyal character. The friends who first contact with pet dogs always have such questions, why do they like it? Do you bury yourself in the grass, or do this on the ground? Sometimes dogs are allowed to play outside. They like to dig in the grass or on the sand. How can they stop nail salon  hong kong? Even at home, there will be planes and planing sofas. How do you explain their actions? Don’t worry about the master, let’s go through Wang nail salon  hong kong. There is a reason for this. 1. We are born to be born: this is a natural habit, the instinct to bring out from the genes, when dogs are not pets, they will hunt small animals such as donkeys and hares, these prey are inhabiting the soil or In the cave. You need to plan to find and practice this mining skill, so dogs can hunt and survive in the wild nail salon  hong kong. 2. Create a nest for yourself: Don’t underestimate this skill. In fact, in the summer, the dog is planing in the mud to get a wet place, and then comfortably sleep on it; on the contrary, If it is in the winter, the dog is to warm himself, this is also a kind of nature. 3. Hide what you like: Some dogs like to hide their unfinished food: they usually dig holes to bury their bones, not where everyone can get them. They are more secure nail salon  hong kong. One partyThe face is to ensure that you have enough grain to eat; on the other hand, to prevent the dog from taking food away when you are not at home, dig a smell of hidden food that only you know. If the ground has a special smell, especially the earthy ground, the dog will keep the soil open and explore nail salon  hong kong. This is usually done with the front legs, but sometimes the hind legs will help. 4. Grind your own nails: Although most owners now choose to go to the pet grooming center regularly to clean their own dogs regularly, but the dog will still polish their nails when going out daily nail salon  hong kong. The dog’s nails grow fast, so it always has the desire to plan things. After all, your nails only know what you want, and what kind of shape you want to trim, then do it yourself~ some dogs will dig their ears to grind their claws, or pass The paws leave their own smell in the soil to signal. 5. Unpack the new posture: Just like the three giants we know well, the two giants can do things without reason. Don’t ask him why he is raking, maybe the inspiration flashes, maybe the foot is itchy, the wind is not the dog. Need someone to understand; can also be understood as a way to decompress a dog.Hide yourself and hide: The most common scene is when the dog is walking, the dog is madly digging, and then buried after the toilet. This is a way to hide the smell. But a thin layer of sand will not be buried, while the other layer will spread its own taste and protect its territorial rights. It may be that near this he smelled the smell of a dog that was stronger than himself, and the territorial consciousness between dogs led to the practice.